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Weighty Matters

I am officially the largest now than I've ever been in my entire life  And despite the fact that I'm experiencing slight insomnia these past few weeks, I've never felt more comfortable in my own body.  I'm getting married this weekend to a man that never wants anything but the best for me, we have our own house, my day job pays well enough, I've been lucky enough to go to university, I have friends & family that I care about and that I know care for me too.  Of course there are still things I want to do/experience and I often feel that our decor and lifestyle could be a little more mature, but our status quo is seriously not that bad. Then one of my wedding dress consultants asked me why I wanted to lose weight and it definitely startled me.  She obviously didn't ask me because I'm secretly fabulously fit and grossly over estimating how much excess weight I'm lugging around, she just wanted to know why, feeling as good about myself as I am, I wor

Vocal Injustice

Have you been listening how some people speak to others lately?  Well, maybe not just lately, but still.  It's absolutely horrendous how little they think of the worth of those around them.  Especially this one guy I unfortunately have to see on a regular basis.  He never really tries to be as rough & brutish with me, but that's probably just due to my own personal fortitude.  The rest of the world regularly gets a verbal knock-down from him for what seems to be their skin colour, sex, age, job titles, etc.  A more prejudiced prick I haven't come across in years. Everyone cannot be perfect every second, but we can surely try to value others for what their potential might be?  That admin support staff member is probably one of the biggest reasons that you're still getting paid each month.  No job is beneath you, or makes someone in it of less value than yourself.  Remember that your ass might rely on someone like that in the near future & karma's a bitch, d

Horrific Favourites

So I'm still on a bit of a terror-junkie high after watching the remake of Evil Dead last night.  Loved it, because I think the original version ended up as a form of hilariously funny cult classic gore (for my generation anyway) and I love how they recently remade it so that it is as horrific & scary as they probably intended to originally. ...which brings me to my next point:  Why am I such a horror nerd?  What makes me go back for more again and again despite the fact that I feel like crapping my pants while being nailed to my seat every single time I watch a scary movie?   Margarita Tartakovsky made some valid arguments on this online.  So does Science Daily ;  but mainly I feel that watching horrors is just my own personal way of experiencing an adrenaline rush.  I hate heights, small spaces & actually fearing for my life - but I love being scared while watching a film or reading a book.  Having studied accounting I'm preprogrammed to avoid risk, so with foll

Bridal Bulge

I don't even have the words for how discouraged I feel today.  About a month ago I went in for my first wedding dress fitting & was told that I gained 2 (yes, TWO!!!) dress sizes since I placed my order with them in January.  Luckily the ladies @ Eurobride was very helpful & assured me that they can make a plan during alterations, but they implored me to not lose any weight until the wedding day as it would be difficult to reverse/change what they were about to do to make more room in the dress for me. I've been feeling so much better about myself lately and my final fitting is scheduled for later this afternoon, so - after an enormously fun bachelorette's weekend, another few weeks worth of wedding stress and a lovely weekend away with my future hubby in Cape Town - I jumped on the scale this morning for a quick peek as to what's been happening to the old caboose while I wasn't looking.  For the life of me I don't know why I did that!?!?  What the fuc

My Work Family

I'm sure this is how most people feel all (or at least some) of the time while they're at work.  Very few people are lucky enough to love what they do every minute of every day.  The rest of us deal with simply feeling like it is what it is:  work. However, it suddenly struck me today that I actually think that I am enjoying my time at the office.  Not all day every day, but most of the time.  And credit cannot be given to the job itself as it is sort of the same thing year in, year out;  but I think it's all due to the people I work with. And let's face the maths of it - we probably spend about 2 hours more with our colleagues than we do with our own families & friends every day (24 hours in a day = 8 hours asleep + 8 hours at work + 2 hours for commuting + 6 hours off).  Now we have to be reasonable and take into account that we possibly spend all our weekends and an average of 15 working days' leave away from the office, which means about 1 904 hours in

Curtain Call

For years I've always felt like I have so much to say and then just never saying it.  I've kept it all to myself for a number of reasons ranging from not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, to worrying that no one will believe me.  I believe in honesty - I value truth above all else when it comes to my relationships with other people!  So, basically, omissions became my lies. I guess there are a lot of people (if not the entire global population) out there that feels this way, but I need to break the silence today.  For me.  Even if, as in my case, that only means the sound of key strokes every now and again. I also have to tell you that this is not my first attempt at stepping into the Blogging Realm.  I tried it before under various pseudonyms, but I ended up deleting it all.  Hiding behind anything but my own, real name just made me feel like such a fraud. Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" to anyone who might end up reading this.  Hoping the best for you in yo