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Can you think of a single thing that makes you giggle without fail?

My funny bone feels a tickle every time someone says Dallas with an Afrikaans accent, but puns also do the trick. I can't help but putter out a few "Ha"s. Even when they are of the first-grade-joke variety, or in some cases, extremely inappropriate.

This week, I kept telling myself how lame these are, but that smile broke through anyway:

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Dark Side of the Cookie

If there's one type of weird I find it very hard to love, it's the weird people go to great lengths to manufacture - for attention.

Yolandi's body is SICK and I think the dealer is cute (although I would've loved to see more teeth), but they just try way too hard. I don't know. I'm probably missing something.

Chemo Cake

Mum started chemo today, so yesterday, Joné baked her a delectable blue velvet cake. Sure, the icing started sliding off the sides (probably because the cake was supposed to cool down more before being decorated), but it all gets mushed in your tummy in any case, right?

Even after (and during) all the cake-eating, Mum was still very much in a tizzy over her first chemo session in the morning, because she had no idea what to expect. All chemo is not equal. Her doctor told her about possible side effects (eg. nausea), but it all differs from person to person as well as the amount and type of chemo treatment you receive.
So far, the only update we've received from her today, is that it didn't hurt at all when they inserted the needle into the port. Excellent news, because she tends to faint whenever anyone (herself included) have their blood drawn.

Cheese Spread

This song is so cheesy that it hurts. It is also proof that Mr Seagal's vocal range is as surprising as his facial expressions.


I thank my lucky stars that I've never had to deal with an STD, but I read in Classic Rock Magazine's latest issue that Bon Scott was on a first name basis with his local VD clinic; which obviously explains AC/DC's song, The Jack.

Cancer Update July 2015

For those who were left wondering after my initial cancer news about my mum:

She recovered pretty quickly from her op in April, and although they removed most of it with a chunk of her colon, she still needs to start chemo this month so that the lesions on her liver can be dealt with. In other words, so far the bumps in the road hasn't been too big. We remain ever hers in optimism!!!

She looks like she's lost a lot of weight, but she's such a champ! Back at work already and gracefully taking it in her stride almost. I don't think I would've been able to keep myself as composed as she manages to do every day.

I think she just HATES the colostomy bag, and I suspect that the initial loss of control over her own body and life (being stuck in a hospital bed for weeks) was very difficult for her, but she's not really discussing much with us in depth/detail.

It's different for her being our Mother opposed to being a friend/sibling, I suppose. She probably still w…

What Comes Before Part B?

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm trying to be more organised with my blog posts by first getting into the rhythm of scheduling certain posts (like this Weird Music Monday one).

I know I'm still failing miserably, but please bear with me for a little while longer. I'll get there. Eventually. "Slow and steady wins the race", or that's what I've been told.

Until my next post, you'll probably find me in the kitchen again, just like you would at parties.