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A Belated Post About A Belated Honeymoon

George International is the smallest airport I've ever seen. You exit the boeing right where it stops on the asphalt; and walking through the whole airport - from baggage carousel to arrivals - will take about as long as it would to walk through my garden at home. On first impact, the entire airport premises felt like someone casually inserted a landing strip on a lush, green farm in the middle of nowhere. Quite charming, really. Far removed from what I expected (because my frame of reference is limited to the international airports in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & Abu Dhabi).
Driving to our hotel, everything seemed so far removed from each another - and so quiet. Now I believe that the establishment of the towns were probably just as laid back as its inhabitants. Please don't mistake this to mean that everything around here is dingy or uncivilised. Not at all! It's just not as big & clustered as the metropolitan areas I've grown used to back home.
Habit d…

I'm Just Not That Into It

Who am I kidding? I'm not that girl. I don't stick to routine journal-like posts or 'Dear Diary'-type entries. I don't like being hugged and I often enjoy spending time away from other people. My marriage isn't traditional and I love the fact that we both instinctively knew that watching Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D was the perfect choice for celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary (yesterday).

I'm not saying that I am somehow "wrong" for not being that into it, or that we should all be cookie-cutter people, because I have no problem with being a bit off-centre. It should be celebrated! I just want to apologise for subjecting you to such half-ass attempts at normality over the past few weeks. I'll try to write better.