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Pinterest Trial #1

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am dangerous in any kitchen - even if only equipped with marshmallows. I have made chicken breast you could stone someone to death with, baked a chocolate cake of which the topping had to be cracked with moderate force using the handle of a bread knife (so we could break off the "slices") & I've also almost set fire to the entire office with an unfortunate 2-minute noodle incident earlier this year.

Then my culinary courage was renewed after starting The Yuppiechef Online Cooking School's Art of Baking course; and hubby's birthday on May 4th created the perfect opportunity for me to try baking something all by myself. Without my mother's help (not even a phone call to her or my Mother-In-Law). For the first time EVER.

I had no idea which recipe to take on, so just like we all turn to Google for answers these days, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. It had to be a regular sized cake according to Step 1 of the Course,…

Wedding Blues

When planning to get married I, like most gals, went all out as far as our finances (and credit cards) allowed. I wanted it all: the unique dress, the decor, our theme to be different from anyone else's that we've ever attended, mind blowing food, etc. I even ended up with a 100+ guest list despite the fact that we wanted to keep it below 80. On paper I got what I wanted, I guess, but thinking back it feels so impersonal. My focus that day went into how everything had to be fun & comfortable for those who attended instead of the love I have for Franscois. Except for the vows we wrote ourselves & then read to each other during the ceremony, I can't remember a single intimate moment spent with my husband on our big day. On top of that, my dress didn't stay as fitted as it should have throughout the rest of the day (my beaded straps even snapped off). I only recall worrying about what everyone was thinking around me and didn't get to taste anything from our c…