About Me

Yes, you can read about me on my blog. Yes, you can visit my social media profiles. From them, you will eventually notice some of my likes and dislikes, but what we often forget, I think, is that most people's online posts are predetermined and conscious efforts. We share and show only what we want others to know.

So I sat here for a very long time, wracking my brain for ideas on how to tell you who I really am. I can reiterate the same superficial facts you find in profile bio's or I can tell you that, based on a Myers-Briggs Personality Test*, I am what they refer to as an ISFJ. All that still doesn't address who I really am. Ultimately, we are what we believe.

I believe in God. I believe that there is beauty all around us, especially in our differences. I believe in kindness. I believe in speaking up, helping out, and making people laugh. I believe in art and literature. I believe in expanding our knowledge and growing until the day we die. I believe in family, friends, and love. I believe in honesty and truth. I believe all lives matter.

*To test yourself, visit www.16personalities.com.

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