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#Adele25 - 25 Style Cover of "Hello"


Shake It!

Long before Taylor Swift starting telling people to shake it off, Harry Belafonte had me (and other Beetlejuice fans) shaking it.

Happy Monday!

Rose McGowan's Open Letter to Caitlin - My Thoughts

Before we continue, please first read this post - Rose McGowan wrote an angry letter to Caitlyn Jenner about that Woman of the Year award.

"...expecting more from a fashion magazine award ceremony is weird." I don't think that's accurate. As women in the public eye, they should always know and understand that they represent the world's view of the rest of us. I get that I might be too critical here, but surely that weight of responsibility is part of the compromises (sacrifices?) in exchange for the money & fame?

"...her words suggest that Jenner isn't really a woman at all, which is a stereotype transgender women are fighting themselves." True. It might've done Rose some good to calm down before ranting on Facebook (a mistake many of our generation keep making these days). Her feelings were valid, but in a less angered state she may have reworded her reaction and would not have come across as if trying to bash Caitlin so harshly. Maybe she…

We're All Weird

How much kinder and happier the world would be if everyone just realised that we're all a little strange.

Let your weird flag fly!

Our Thoughts are with You


More to Us than Meets the Eye



Naturally, I'm delighted by this random creepy old photo I found through Google Search this morning. It's so weird - how can I not love it? What I do not understand, however, is what exactly transpired on that day. I tried image searching, and I found a few versions of it online, but was unable to link it back to any website / source to shed more substantiated light on the matter.
Want to help me figure it out? Be my guest. Just please put me out of my misery and share your findings by leaving a Comment below.
So far I've come up with the following possible explanations: Some type of clan pageant.A Halloween beauty parade/pageant/pool party.The girls were being judged on their physique alone and didn't want their faces to sway the judges' decision.Random silliness.These gals were just as much into spreading the weird stuff as I am.

All The Puppies!

Okay, so I'm thoroughly aware of the fact that he's not singing of actual canine puppies (obvious from the video and the rest of the lyrics), but the way he sings 'puppies' is exactly how I will want to belt it when encountering any of the fur balls again.

Just One

(Pic Source: Etsy)

Cancer Update Nov 2015

It's been six months. Six. Fucking. Months.

If you asked me at the beginning, I might have said that the worst thing about loving someone with cancer, is the initial shock and fear of abandonment, but right now I believe it's the perpetual waiting cycle you get caught up in.

Wait on results. Wait on surgery. Wait for surgery to end. Wait on recovery. Wait on new results. Wait for chemo to start. Wait on results. Wait on another surgery.Wait for surgery to end. Wait on recovery. Wait on even more results. Wait on chemo to restart...

As a loved one you also feel guilty. Or I do. I feel guilty for feeling weighed down by it all, because my whining & worrying is so fucking ridiculous - it's not even happening to me. My "worst experience" requires patience, hers require pain management, courage & persistance.

Good news today though: Mum's recovering much quicker after this second surgery - she already started walking small distances over the weekend, and …

Shame, Shame, Shame!

As die-hard fans, it's so weird that neither me, nor my sister, knew that this duet existed.

I lack the words to describe exactly how awesome I think it is.