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Weekly Quotable: Fear Nothing


Bubble Butt

They must really, really, really, really, really love big butts.

Weekly Quotable: Sorry. Not Sorry.


The Aggressive Bee

*Saturday (20 August) was Honey Bee Day

Weekly Quotable: Denial


Black Forest Cake


Marblehead, U.S.A.

I really enjoyed exploring the South Africanlighthouses with you online, but we have a lot of ground to cover if we want to see the rest of the flashing giants out there.

For our next stretch, I will be taking a more random and visual approach. I'll be jumping back and forth across the globe and you can look forward to feasting your eyes on the breathtaking landscapes and structural beauty the world of lighthouses has to offer!

Marblehead Lighthouse
Lake Erie (Ohio)

Confession Time: Geography has never been my strong point. My sense of direction is deplorable - my boss once joked that I don't need a GPS, I need a driver - and it takes a lot of repetitive reading and map checking before I am able to recall locations and borders, etc.

It was no surprise then, when I read that Marblehead Lighthouse is in Ohio, that I had to go onto Google Maps to see why Ohio even had a lighthouse. Finding out about the Great Lakes, and having a look at where exactly the lighthouse (and Ohio) is,…

Weekly Quotable: Women

We've just finished celebrating women in South Africa*, so when I stumbled onto this empowering message, I just had to pay it forward...

*9 August is National Women's Day down here.

The Albatross In My Head

I'm loving the sound of this song, but a little confused as to the meaning behind the lyrics.

Albatross is also a term used for something negative, as in a consistent problem you need to overcome, so does she mean that she's going to be a hindrance to the 'little mouse'? Or is she referring to herself as an albatross due to the fact that it's quite a large bird, and couldn't be bothered less by smaller creatures? Or is it due to the albatross' rarity, ie she's one-of-a-kind, and therefore more precious than 'the millions of other rodents'?

Well, there you go - I'll leave you with that little conundrum for the week. Let me know what you think!

Weekly Quotable: Election Day


Election Song

Embedding this week's Weird Music Video has unfortunately been disabled, so please go listen to & view it on YouTube.

It was done by the Newzoids for the UK's 2015 General Elections, but all politicians seem to suck just as much these days, so I think we can identify with its sentiments.

And, if you're a South African, please remember to go vote on Wednesday! Even if you don't think it'll make a difference, I can guarantee you 100% that not voting will definitely change nothing.