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Dancing Queen

We all have those "One Day" dreams. "One day I will learn how to scuba dive", or "One day I will run a marathon". At a very young age, thanks to films like Royal WeddingDirty Dancing & Strictly Ballroom, mine became "One day I want to be a dancer".

Growing up, my parents encouraged extra-mural activities, but - unless subsidised by our public schools, weren't able to sign us up for all the things we wanted to do (we were 4 children initially, all of us about 1-2 years apart, so I think driving around after school to get everyone to & from where they needed to go played a deciding roll as well).
I was lucky enough to take part in a few musical classes - piano, recorder, trumpet, violin*; but, alas, no dance lessons; and eventually it just remained a "One Day" dream for me. I continued salivating after taking it up and none of the films or shows helped put it to rest.  (Examples: Step UpTake the Lead, Strictly Come Danci…


I've clearly taken a blow to the head during my nap, because I feel inspired (stupid?) enough to tackle this gigantic topic right now.This year has not been kind to all.  Three of my best ladies are still sifting through the ashes of their recently departed commitments; and although it serves as a cold reminder of how fleeting some life experiences are, it also turned my attention to what good vs bad love should be.Healthy partners are not only witnesses to our stories and who we truly are.  Romantic partners aren't necessary for our daily adventures either - there are plenty of companions to choose from when you have family and/or friends.  Hell!  I don't even believe that soul mates are meant to be our love mates too.So why go through the pain of love at all?  For those who find it difficult to pique physical interest, is it sex?  Does the prospect to have someone around to do stuff with when everyone else is busy entice us into this ultimate heart trap?  Maybe we can ea…


I had such a giggle @ Shelli's blog entry about her recent Tinsel Discovery.  Mostly because I know how she feels. I, too, have discovered hair in the most remarkably awkward places on my body this past year leading up to my final departure from my 20s, eg. a persisting single beard hair under my chin and one very unusual chest hair (which I've luckily not seen since plucking it with abhoration).

Most disconcerting observation of the week?  The fact that my breast mass is clearly being biologically redistributed to my middle. No, not the average sag that we all fear by default. Let's just say that the cups runneth over less and less, whilst the strap around my waist simply cuts further into my flesh.

These Boots Were Made for Wallking Too

I came across this in my inbox this morning; and because I think every one of us needs to be reminded that sometimes it's best to just walk away, I decided to care & share...

3 Easy Steps to Creating Your Walk Away Shoes
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Our Little Bunny

I am finally - and officially - someone's Aunt. It is so surreal. Before her arrival we were all (of course) quite excited and anticipatorily counting down the weeks to B-Day. Society expects that of us, because it is a well known fact that all most babies are adorably pleasant;  and I, too, have a ticking time bomb in my uterus.

What surprised me was that I expected myself to feel "Oh hi. You're cute. See ya." like I do about basically every other baby I've met so far; but instead I can't stop thinking about her! With everything I do/say/think I find myself questioning how I would explain myself to her. How I would make her understand my life, or just life in general. I feel accountable & this time it really has nothing to do with my job in accounts. It's so very, very strange and deliciously startling.

The world feels so different with her in it with us.