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Spring in Your Step

After hearing Verka's catchy Spy song , I had no other choice than to scour the web, listening to what else he had on offer out there. Luck was on my side - with Joné's help I found this Jumpy tune. Enjoy. P.S. If you're in South Africa (or anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere) too - Have a Happy Spring Day tomorrow!

Why Blog?

Amongst the billions of people on this planet, how many of us have this relentless internal compass, persistently steering us towards something greater? A lucky few find out where they're headed early on in life. I'm not one of them. When I was fifteen years old, depression (combined with circumstance) almost cost me my life. These days, on the good days, I feel lucky to have survived my own actions. I also feel like there must be a higher purpose for my existence. Maybe there's a story in me waiting to be told, or perhaps I can provide encouragement to others like me out there. It's been over 17 years and I still don't know what this inherent pull is trying to show/teach/tell me. My blog is churned out as a byproduct of these musings. I thought that if I could open the flood gates, I could maybe share something meaningful through the words I write, or the content I share. Most of the time, I still think my posts lack substance, and it feels like I still have e

Pretty Woman

I went through a pretty tight Bollywood phase about ten years ago. Kal Ho Naa Ho was one of my favourites (mostly because of Shah Rukh Khan), and it had this " cool"  hit:


For shame! I cannot believe I forgot to publish my regular post yesterday. My sincerest apologies, blogpeeps. I won't stand for such insolence, especially not on my part. To apologise, I would like to pull a John Cusack outside your window, but my stalking skills clearly need much improvement, because I don't know where you live. Here's a vid for you from the tried & trusted Lonely Island instead.

Poltergeist Remake

I don't think you should waste your time on this one, because after watching it I felt so uninspired that I could not even come up with a review of my own. Rather go out (or stay in) and get hold of the original . If you don't want to take my word for it, go read Maynard's Review - maybe he can knock some sense into you.

Spy Dance

My sister & I adore Melissa McCarthy . It's important for you to know that it does not supercede our fondness for  Meryl , but it does mean that we will watch ANYTHING she's involved with*. This year, we have already watched Spy a couple of times and one of the scenes I fell in love with, was the one with the open air pop concert. I enjoyed everything about it, but it wasn't easy to find out who the chirpily weird group is. Finally, Joné told me who the shiny sensation is, so here it is! You're welcome. *Other firm favourites are Kirsten Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Rebel Wilson, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


Pic Source: I am not afraid of the dark, and struggle more with weird dreams than I do with nightmares, so I find it laborious discovering good horror these days. As luck would have it, the 2013 film Oculus proved to be less disappointing as I had expected it to be. The plot (a girl set on proving that all is not what it seemed behind her parents' deaths, cue creepy mirror lady), is told at an adequate level of psychologically fucked-up, and without spilling any spoilers, I can tell you there was at least one scene that made me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. I have to agree with Maynard though - the pace dwindled halfway through, and there were definitely room for improvement (although I am not qualified to speak to its cinematic properties such as camera angles, etc). This movie should be horrifying enough for you if your stomach is not as strong as mine (or if you don't get the same adrenaline kick from fear as I do). And if you do

When Weird Is Good

Dear Readers, I am devastatingly embarrassed to admit that until recently I did not even know who exactly Frank Zappa was, or what his musical stylings sounds like, but then I listen to this song and forget all about my chagrin.