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Ring Around The Rosie

This is probably TMI, but I'm going in for my first colonoscopy tomorrow morning (preventative measure as a result of Mum's situation), so this week's song choice is really too perfect.


I confess, finding weird (sometimes werid strange, sometimes weird amazing) songs/music videos to share with you, is getting tricky. I have a few up my sleeve, but I would prefer to keep them on hold until next month for Halloween (how excited are you?).

This one comes to you courtesy of me having watched Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? last night.


I was VERY skeptic when a friend suggested that I watch Home, because - unless there are subtle comedic cues for the adult audience, my mind wanders off in a different direction. Luckily, what it lacked in dark comedy, it made up for in cuteness. Some scenes were so adorable that it made me uncomfortable, and the dance scenes had me suffocating on giggles.

This song from the movie is also a bit catchy. Even if I don't want to admit it in public, I have to. It reminds me of Busta Lime* every single time.

*You'll have to watch the movie.

When The Sun Refuses To Shine

Winter ended with record high temperatures for August down here in SA. We knew better though. It was just too weird for Spring to kick off acting like it's Summer - and this early!? A cold front was inevitable.

Last week, as foretold by our guts, the cold returned accompanied by cloudbursts. Meaning that I spent my weekend checking for leaks in our roof, and/or puddles of water in the lounge. Inspiration struck somewhere in between, and that's how I found our weird song for the week.

What a trippy intro, right?