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Off To Hobbit Land!

Just 3 more sleeps!!!

From Zero to 5KM (Part 1)

A total of 2.6 kg (5 pounds / 3.6 stone) lost so far. Not much is it?

As I write this, I have two choices: I can focus on how little progress I've made, OR I can celebrate the fact that I'm slightly lighter than I was on Halloween and that I can now walk 3 - 4 km with little/no breaks.

Being thankful for little mercies does wonders for a journey to joy, so this year I chose to be thankful for the progress I have made so far. [Also for the fact that Thanksgiving food isn't a thing down here too. #DodgedACalorieBullet]
How It All Went Down Weeks 1 & 2 There were no exercise goals for the first 2 weeks, but the end of October was already looming and I knew I had to start something right away. Basically, most of the talking happened over these first two weeks.

Having already quit smoking in August, I resolved to make sugar my first priority (ie avoiding it - must read those labels!).

The rest of the babbling also brought forth these nuggets of wisdom:Fructose in fresh, wh…

You Won't Believe What I Did

The ghoulies must have been working overtime this year.
On the last Thursday before Halloween, I was overcome by a strange masochistic urge to - gasp! - weigh myself.
It was horrific. I've had a faint idea of how high my number must be for some time, but as I stood on that scale, it felt as if those three red numbers seared themselves into my brain. I tried to convince myself that it was a good thing to know and understand even the hard facts (knowledge is power and all that). My true self was not having any of that mind-over-matter bullshit and my mental defenses soon crumbled.

I moped around whilst biting back the tears. Crying about my weight felt like a right I had not earned. If you don't vote, you can't complain. So where exactly could I go with all my weighty woes?

First, I prayed. Then, I could not stop talking about it. Oh boy! I kept yapping on and on to anybody who'd listen (or failed to flee the line of fire fast enough).

You see, yes, I told you that I ha…