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2016: My Year In Books

Is it a common problem for bookworms to feel like they're not reading enough, or is it just me?
My perpetually growing list of 'Books to Read' is not helping either.

Fortunately, Goodreads' annual roundup put things in perspective for me.

          Here's what my year in books looked like:

Have you heard about Goodreads yet?
It's the online community for book lovers, with a very handy smartphone app.
Initially, I used my online profile purely for tracking purposes - what I've read, what I still want to read, etc. That was back in 2010. These days, I'm using it to post and read reviews, save or search quotes, find gift inspiration, keep stock of my personal library, follow author blogs, learn about new books published, and set annual reading challenges for myself.
Their app is also quite nifty. My favourite feature is the barcode scanner. When browsing around at book fairs, I can just scan with a quick Bleep!, and then I know whether a book is worth buying o…

First, You Have To Want It

No. Wanting something won't automatically mean that you'll get it.
I believe, however, that you need to want it enough, first. You have to want it so much that you're actually willing to change everything about your life to make it happen.
That's not where it stops, either. From that moment, when you've decided that you want it more than anything else, you still need to want it so bad that you're willing to base your decisions on getting yourself closer to that one thing. Every. Single. Decision.
In the end, the hardest part of wanting anything is to accept right at the start that - despite everything you may do throughout your life - things might still turn out differently. And then, you'll have to just roll with the punches, so make sure that what you want, is really worth all the effort. Don't want anything just because someone else says/thinks that you should.
Looking back, then, I'm exactly where I should be, because most of the decisions I ma…

Who Do You Talk To?

I guess it's safe to say that Deuteronomy is not one of the 'popular' books in the Bible. I also find it difficult to read. Maybe if I was a history buff, it wouldn't have become so monotonous to read about all those laws, rules and regulations...blah, blah, blah...

What made it easier for me, was First5. For example, when I read Krista Williams' teaching 'A Do-Over' on Deuteronomy 1, I realised that Moses tried to warn the new generation against following in the old one's missteps. As a result, God provided them with a second chance.

I was also struck by what I believe the Israelites' biggest mistake was - instead of following His instructions, they started complaining and talking amongst themselves. ['You grumbled in your tents and said, "The Lord hates us; so he brought us out of Egypt to deliver us into the hands of the Amorites to destroy us. Where can we go? Our brothers have made our hearts melt in fear...' - Deuteronomy 1:27-28…

Happy Holidays!

A lot of you are having holiday fun already, but for the rest of you, who still needs to work this week (like me), here's some festive cheer:

Hornby Lighthouse, Australia

Beautiful, isn't it? With Christmas just around the corner, I'm drawn to its Red and White colouring. So festive!

The lighthouse was built in 1858 near Watsons Bay, now part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, which they started conserving in 1975.

It's an active lighthouse, but there are trails up to it - for more Tourist info, see their website (they even have a link to a virtual tour via Google Streetview for couch potatoes and penny pinchers).

Weekly Quotable on Speaking Out

Oh, sure! Of course it's admirable to fight the injustices of our world. "If you see something, say something," right? Well, then...

Just make sure that you stick to the TRUTH.

The Cheating Effect

If you want saucy details, I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm not at liberty to say.
Right now I'm dealing with a case of dishonesty, which once again reared its ugly head in my life. And once again, I'm not at liberty to reveal details, because I'm stuck with a secret that's been forced on me by inconsiderate assholes. A secret I never wanted to be privy to.

It got the cogs in the ol' noggin' going, though, so I want to tell you why I think that cheating is a lot like drunk driving.

Cheaters always think they can keep affairs and their repercussions safely cushioned behind a multitude of lies. They don't realise that once they get behind the wheel, they no longer control anything. Their sordid dealings crash into innocent people as they speed along without any consideration for the lives of others.

Even young children get run over by the things they see (more than most adults realise). These are great children. Children, who look left and right before…

Weekly Quotable: Honesty