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Fire Tiger

Technically speaking, I'm not really posting this for being weird per se. I'm sharing the musical magic of Fire Tiger, because I'm crushing on them with the power of a thousand eighties rock ballads this week.

However, for the sake of Weird Music Monday's legacy, I'll point out that the weirdest thing about this music (other than the unnatural depth of my love for their sound) is probably the fact that this music comes from a relatively new LA band - hard to believe that whilst listening to them, because when I do, I feel transported back in time.

Rock Lobster

The only way this song could've been less weird, was if it was actually performed by a rock lobster...


What makes this '80s music video weird, at first, are the dolls. After watching the entire thing, my main observations are:

1. Grace Slick's eyes are scarier than the dolls'.
2. Samantha just wanted to be a real girl.

Horrifying Humour

These two Kiwi films turned out to be quite the Double-Feature Treat for us this past Saturday night, and I simply had to tell you about them before I forget!

What We Do In The Shadows
This is the funniest thing I've seen in some time.
The entire cast had me giggling my ass off*, but I don't mean to oversell it and ruin your experience (I think that's what I already did to my cousin before making her watch it with us again on Sunday), so I won't say much about what you should expect, nor will I tell you which were my favourite funny bits...

I just think that if you like whatever's dark & unusual, as I do, you should give this one a look-see.

*And my heart will forever hold a soft spot for Viago.

Coincidentally, the initial trailer/review I saw for WWDITS, also made a reference to this New Zealand film - so naturally I had to see it too.
What I specifically enjoyed about it, is how they mixed in just enough silly dark humour into the story to give you a…

High School Confidential

When I told my sister about my latest blog venture (sharing weird & lovely music every Monday), Joné said that High School Confidential was the first thing that popped up in her mind, so let's give it a minute (or 3.5)...