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Bridal Bulge

I don't even have the words for how discouraged I feel today.  About a month ago I went in for my first wedding dress fitting & was told that I gained 2 (yes, TWO!!!) dress sizes since I placed my order with them in January.  Luckily the ladies @ Eurobride was very helpful & assured me that they can make a plan during alterations, but they implored me to not lose any weight until the wedding day as it would be difficult to reverse/change what they were about to do to make more room in the dress for me.
I've been feeling so much better about myself lately and my final fitting is scheduled for later this afternoon, so - after an enormously fun bachelorette's weekend, another few weeks worth of wedding stress and a lovely weekend away with my future hubby in Cape Town - I jumped on the scale this morning for a quick peek as to what's been happening to the old caboose while I wasn't looking.  For the life of me I don't know why I did that!?!?  What the fuck am I supposed to do about it now?  I can cry all I want, but shedding tears is not really the problem here.  My wedding is less than two weeks away.
What's making it worse is that I have no one to talk to who has been through this experience.  All my married friends, family & acquaintances "inexplicably" lost weight during their wedding preliminaries.  Lucky bitches... I've never been one to fast/magically drop the pounds when stressed.  I eat.  I eat when I'm stressed.  I eat when I'm bored.  I eat when I'm angry at someone whom I cannot punch in the face.  I eat when I'm sad & missing my dad.  And then I obviously eat when I'm upset about the fact that I'm trying to eat my emotions.  It's insane!
It all just makes me feel like I don't even want to go to the wedding anymore.  I still want to marry my babes, but a secret ceremony would be cool.  Really.


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