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Weekly Quotable: Accept the Mystery


Do You Know How To Eat?


Sea Salt Baked Potatoes

First, let me ask if someone has ANY idea which South African magazine this recipe comes from? I cut and pasted it into a recipe file years ago, and from the looks of it, it might be Fairlady / You? I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but I really cannot remember where I found it.

What I do know for sure about this recipe, is that it's f#$^% amazing!!!

Let's be honest. No potato will ever come close to a hassle back potato, or a traditionally roasted-in-fat potato, but as far as healthier options go, these are pretty low in fat if you keep your butter and sour cream dollops small, they're very tasty and super easy to make (although you do still need about 2 hours to get them done).

Cook's Note: I also found clean-up a breeze. The salt sort of caked together, without sticking to the baking tray. After lightly scraping out the salt with a wooden spoon, the dish just needed a quick soapy wipe and rinse.

Weekly Quotable: Gratitude


Here's What I'm Thankful For...

My Gratitude List is pretty lame this year (Sorry!), but still. It's Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, and I have to make sure that I use the opportunity to express my thanks to all the important folks in my life.

This week's song is therefore dedicated to:
1. God - you know, for the "little" things, like My Entire Existence.
2. My Family & Friends - and this includes all of you readers out there!

Weird tidbit on today's song is the fact that the entire song basically consists of only two lines.

Breskens Lighthouse, Netherlands

This Dutch lighthouse was erected near Breskens at the NieuweSluis (New Sluice), and its lamp was first lit on 19 January 1868.

The lighthouse was opened to the public in July 2015, so if you're able to make the trip, you can explore the lighthouse over weekends (Fridays to Sundays) from April to October.

P.S. If you want to hear something relaxing, visit the lighthouse's home page.

World Peace

Some First5 teachings make me feel like I just have to tell someone about what I've learnt. That is why I chose to start telling you about them one-by-one.

One of the first few that I thought was enlightening, was Wendy Blight's teaching on Genesis 13, titled 'Choose Humility'.

The chapter tells the story of Abraham & Lot. These two brothers, as well as their growing families, herdsman and surrounding tribes, all stayed on the same piece of land. As you can imagine, this crowded set-up eventually led to "in-house" fighting.['But the land could not support them while they stayed together, for their possessions were so great that they were not able to stay together. And quarreling arose between Abram's herders and Lot's.' - Gen 13:16-17 NIV]
Fortunately, Abraham (with God's guidance, I believe) realised that a peaceful compromise is always possible. He gave Lot first choice, and promised to go the opposite way, believing that giving eve…

Weekly Quotable: I Know Nothing


Beaver Fever

I finally got around to watching Zombeavers and it was surprisingly entertaining.

Granted, the special effects were totally unrealistic (as you can probably deduce from the movie title), but the acting wasn't as bad as expected, and it had us giggling all the way through.

It also provided us with this week's tune:

Morris Island, U.S.A.



By now everyone knows Trump won. #@(*#$#&^*&@*!
It's OK. I'm Ok. *eye twitch*
Instead of thinking about That Man and his cockeyed policies / beliefs. Read this instead - and remember to breathe.

Podersdorf-am-See, Austria

This active lighthouse, which stands at the end of a wooden pier in Podersdorf-am-See on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedlersee)*, is a well-known landmark and tourist attraction near the Hungarian border.

*Austria's largest lake.

[20 November 2016 Update: Added Photo to the Left]

How Do You Wake Up?

They say that it's "THE APP THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR TIME WITH GOD", but it turns out that it's the App that changed my life.

I'm a '90s teen suicide and date rape survivor, and after my first failed engagement I was sure that the worst times were finally behind me, but my real run of "bad luck" actually barged in with full force five years ago.

An inauguration into the Dead Dad's Club is nevera welcoming experience. In fact, on Wednesday morning, 13 July 2011, I got sucker-punched into it. No, wait. It was more like I lost a Slap Bet. (It keeps hitting me right in the heart when I least expect it.)

Since then I've lost a cousin to teen suicide, I almost lost my only sister to meningitis, my best friend finally stopped waiting for me to reconnect, and then my mother's stage four cancer diagnosis came at a time when my young marriage was suffering a slow death.

I was so out of it. I felt nothing. I sat across my husband after having visi…