Horrific Favourites

So I'm still on a bit of a terror-junkie high after watching the remake of Evil Dead last night.  Loved it, because I think the original version ended up as a form of hilariously funny cult classic gore (for my generation anyway) and I love how they recently remade it so that it is as horrific & scary as they probably intended to originally.

...which brings me to my next point:  Why am I such a horror nerd?  What makes me go back for more again and again despite the fact that I feel like crapping my pants while being nailed to my seat every single time I watch a scary movie?  Margarita Tartakovsky made some valid arguments on this online.  So does Science Daily;  but mainly I feel that watching horrors is just my own personal way of experiencing an adrenaline rush.  I hate heights, small spaces & actually fearing for my life - but I love being scared while watching a film or reading a book.  Having studied accounting I'm preprogrammed to avoid risk, so with following the horror/terror/gore/fright night genre it's rush without risk all the way, baby!

Without further ado, here are my Top 40 Horror Picks [so far] in alphabetical order, with as little spoilers as possible and including a TV series here & there (and I know that some of them might not technically be classified as horrors by everyone, just deal with it):

  1. 28 Days Later
  2. 28 Weeks Later
  3. American Horror Story I & II (I enjoyed the 1st season more & I haven't seen the 3rd one yet.)
  4. An American Haunting
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The movie & the series, except for that 1 very unfortunate episode*.)
  6. Dead & Breakfast
  7. Dracula: Dead & Loving It
  8. Drag Me to Hell (Never before, or after, have I laughed & yelped that much whilst watching a single movie.)
  9. Fear
  10. Feast (funny + extremely gross = once again an epic combo)
  11. Fright Night (The remake, not sure about the original as I have not yet seen it.)
  12. From Dusk Till Dawn
  13. Ghosts of Mars
  14. Halloween (all of them)
  15. Identity
  16. Idle Hands
  17. Inside (The only scary French film I've ever seen & I loved it, regardless of the fact that the version I saw was dubbed.)
  18. IT
  19. Jaws (There are many people against remakes for various valid reasons, but as you can see from this list I sometimes enjoy them anyway;  and I think that - if done properly, Jaws could be a fantastic suspense film if done with modern effects.)
  20. Juan of the Dead aka Juan de los Muertos (If you can handle subtitles, this Spanish film is worth it as well.)
  21. Misery
  22. Pan's Labyrinth
  23. Pet Sematary
  24. Pitch Black
  25. Rose Red
  26. Scream I - IV (I know, I know, they've been done to death...but they were the 1st of those string of movies during my 4 year stint in high school.)
  27. Seven
  28. Shaun of the Dead
  29. Some Guy Who Kills People
  30. Supernatural (Although I lost interest around the 7th season.)
  31. The Amityville Horror (the original AND the remake)
  32. The Craft (Come on, it's a classic!  Who didn't try that "light as a feather, stiff as a board" thing?)
  33. The Excorcist (I can still remember the enormous public furore in SA when it was finally screened in cinemas here during the early 2000's.  There were all kinds of stories doing the rounds about people vomiting / fainting while they watched it, which just made for an even more anticipated movie experience for me.  Had to literally watch through my fingers through most of it & I actually had nightmares thereafter.  A first for me.)
  34. The Grudge (That noise!  Thanks to this movie, some friends of mine & the guy who's now my fiancé, managed to scare me into crying using two way radios and making that guttural sound.)
  35. The Shining
  36. The Walking Dead
  37. The X-Files (I loved each episode that did not mostly deal with government conspiracy shit.)
  38. Thirteen Ghosts
  39. True Blood
  40. Zombieland
P.S.  And here are 10 of the worst ones I've ever seen = 30 Days of Night, Brain Dead, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, April Fool's Day, *Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 Episode 7, House of Wax, the 2010 remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, Snakes on a Plane, The Human Centipede and The Ring.


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