Bring Your Own Self

Changing seasons is so refreshing, isn't it? If I were to say that I love change because I love a challenge, it may give you the impression that I love working hard in all areas of my life. That would be a lie. What I love is how it fires up my mind. Using my brain is always good fun, but struggling is not my cup of tea coffee. (Is it ever for anyone?)
The last few months brought along unexpected obstacles. We are trying hard to navigate our way through this tough time, but it is difficult to stay positive when resources dwindle and plans become muddled.

What remains constant, is the Word and how the First5 community helps me stay connected it.

I am grateful that I heeded the call years ago ['No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them...' - John 6:44] and that I am no longer stumbling along on my own.

Grace and truth come through Jesus alone. [John 1:17]All we have to do is bring Him what we have (who we are). He is always enough.['...God gives the…

Gaining Life In Weight

Reality TV is white noise. Jailbirds play in the background as I check emails and catch up on social media. I vaguely become aware of an altercation between inmates on the screen. The insults and temper tantrums sling back-and-forth. Off-screen jail time must be more hardcore than how it's depicted in this show. Otherwise, it's basically high school with less violence and more drugs. (One of the insults consists of the words 'fat slut' šŸ™„.)
As the onscreen melodrama unfolds, I read a piece on what air travel is like when you're fat. I am fat. I am also terrified of someone else touching my fat (or my fat touching them). Wrapping my body around itself in an effort to make myself smaller is something I am all too familiar with. On planes, buses, trains. At conferences, in churches, and sharing an Uber.
Trying to make myself smaller is nothing new. Blaming fat for this habit is disingenuous. I have always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. As far back as I can rememb…

Do It

Happy Valentine's Week!
Here's a song for those times you just want to do it.

What? Who?

A perpetual cycle of finding myself, only to lose myself again, devoured most of my free time last year. I did not write or read nearly as much as I aimed for and there's no way of reliably predicting that 2019 will be any different.

Right now, my self-confidence is on the upswing, and it looks like my niche is being carved out. Past behaviour, however, is the best predictor of future behaviour, so I won't be too surprised to find myself over-thinking and screwing myself over more than once before this New Year is through.

This is why I decided to ride out this high and instead of bothering too much with resolutions, I worked through my 1000+ unread personal emails.

One of them was a recent newsletter from The What, and now I cannot stop listening to The Hu.

No. Not 'The Who'. The HU:

From 5KM to 10KM (Part 2)

Although it feels like this post should be titled 'Part 200'.

This whole year (in terms of #hikegoals) was try, fail, try again...

Right now, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be ready for a multi-day hike like the Fish River, but I am sure that I will not stop trying to live a life worth living.

For me, that kind of life is one that needs regular refills of love, healthspo, and travel.

Run With Scissors

Yes, I am one of those terribly annoying people who get a kick out of these silly almost-every-day celebrations, and tomorrow it's Face Your Fears Day (2nd Tuesday of October each year).

Don't fight it.


Oh Boy!

It's been 20 years.  I forget just how ridiculous those boy bands were. (And how much we were into them.)

Poor Kurt Cobain would have risen from the dead only to die from embarrassment knowing his face graced my bedroom wall at the same time as a Backstreet Boys poster. The horror!

A lot has changed for me since the 1990's. Pinks and feminine florals no longer repulse me, my taste in music is now much more inclusive, and I've even quit smoking.

The bad taste in my past is something I'm quite comfortable admitting to now, but SMH. Why, oh why, was I ever into this other 'N Sync guy?