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From Zero to 5KM (Part 2)

New Zeal(and) I know. I know. This post is ridiculously late. Blame it on the super relaxedness I found at the bottom of the Hobbit Hole. For over a week I had no idea what date or day of the week it was. It was fantastic!

The only days I managed to keep track of were my birthday, and Christmas. Obviously.

Admittedly we feasted full on. Wining, dining and reclining at leisure. My saving grace was the fact that I already had a pretty stable #healthspo foundation in place before going on holiday and that we were pretty active together (on average, we got up, got out and did something every second day or so). Weeks 7 - 10[4 - 31 December 2017]
The Numbers:
Day 4 = weighed in before Christmas @ another 1.7kg down but then gained back 1.5kg before New Year's Eve.                    ≈3.5kg ↓ so far

Additional Notes/Comments: At least my tardy writing did not spill over into my #hikegoals. With all the Kiwi walks I exceeded my expectations by finishing a 7.5km hike with my family. Screw th…

Forever Young Americans

We're fortunate enough to still have the Cheriffic First Lady of Pop (despite the fact that she's no longer touring), but for a Bowie fix, we rely on recordings. Like this one from 1975:

Off To Hobbit Land!

Just 3 more sleeps!!!

From Zero to 5KM (Part 1)

A total of 2.6 kg (5 pounds / 3.6 stone) lost so far. Not much is it?

As I write this, I have two choices: I can focus on how little progress I've made, OR I can celebrate the fact that I'm slightly lighter than I was on Halloween and that I can now walk 3 - 4 km with little/no breaks.

Being thankful for little mercies does wonders for a journey to joy, so this year I chose to be thankful for the progress I have made so far. [Also for the fact that Thanksgiving food isn't a thing down here too. #DodgedACalorieBullet]
How It All Went Down Weeks 1 & 2 There were no exercise goals for the first 2 weeks, but the end of October was already looming and I knew I had to start something right away. Basically, most of the talking happened over these first two weeks.

Having already quit smoking in August, I resolved to make sugar my first priority (ie avoiding it - must read those labels!).

The rest of the babbling also brought forth these nuggets of wisdom:Fructose in fresh, wh…

You Won't Believe What I Did

The ghoulies must have been working overtime this year.
On the last Thursday before Halloween, I was overcome by a strange masochistic urge to - gasp! - weigh myself.
It was horrific. I've had a faint idea of how high my number must be for some time, but as I stood on that scale, it felt as if those three red numbers seared themselves into my brain. I tried to convince myself that it was a good thing to know and understand even the hard facts (knowledge is power and all that). My true self was not having any of that mind-over-matter bullshit and my mental defenses soon crumbled.

I moped around whilst biting back the tears. Crying about my weight felt like a right I had not earned. If you don't vote, you can't complain. So where exactly could I go with all my weighty woes?

First, I prayed. Then, I could not stop talking about it. Oh boy! I kept yapping on and on to anybody who'd listen (or failed to flee the line of fire fast enough).

You see, yes, I told you that I ha…

Girl, Hoping to be Interrupted

Luke 1 & 2 tells us of divine interruptions in the lives of Zechariah & Elizabeth, Mary, and some shepherds out in a field. In fact, Luke is the only Gospel writer who gives us the details of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary (refer More Moments in #First5 on 'Who I am doesn't feel good enough' by Lysa TerKeurst).

Zechariah's interruption meant that Elizabeth was finally going to be a mother and give birth to his son. Something they thought would never happen.  ["But the angel said to him: 'Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John. He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth... And he will go on before the turn the make ready a people prepared for the Lord.' " - Luke 1:13-17]

Mary's interruption meant that she was going to be the earthly mother of God's only Son. As a virgin, I don't thi…