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A Light That Never Goes Out

And, having listened to the entire song, I think that light sometimes feel like oncoming traffic. The Smiths - weird, sad and beautiful.


Facing your circumstances (and yourself) head-on takes courage, but when courage is required, it doesn't mean that you should fear what's ahead. See it as a sign that whatever lies in front of you is filled with possibility.

Still Want to Ride a White Horse?


From Zero to 5KM (Part 2)

New Zeal(and) I know. I know. This post is ridiculously late. Blame it on the super relaxedness I found at the bottom of the Hobbit Hole. For over a week I had no idea what date or day of the week it was. It was fantastic!

The only days I managed to keep track of were my birthday, and Christmas. Obviously.

Admittedly we feasted full on. Wining, dining and reclining at leisure. My saving grace was the fact that I already had a pretty stable #healthspo foundation in place before going on holiday and that we were pretty active together (on average, we got up, got out and did something every second day or so). Weeks 7 - 10[4 - 31 December 2017]
The Numbers:
Day 4 = weighed in before Christmas @ another 1.7kg down but then gained back 1.5kg before New Year's Eve.                    ≈3.5kg ↓ so far

Additional Notes/Comments: At least my tardy writing did not spill over into my #hikegoals. With all the Kiwi walks I exceeded my expectations by finishing a 7.5km hike with my family. Screw th…

Forever Young Americans

We're fortunate enough to still have the Cheriffic First Lady of Pop (despite the fact that she's no longer touring), but for a Bowie fix, we rely on recordings. Like this one from 1975: