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Horror Never Gets Old

Only two critical factors can impede my enjoyment of any given horror film:
a) The acting and/or lighting must be so acutely terrible that I literally cannot continue watching the full first 5 minutes of it without reaching an OCD level of need-to-get-up-and-switch-it-off;  and
b) I must be in a very distracted mood (ie unable to get lost in the story by activating my selective hearing powers*).

But I've proclaimed my love for Horror before.  Then Braintainment Magazine's article in their 15/2014 issue titled 'Outdated Horror' (with additional info on this Dutch site) got me thinking about the top 10 scary movies (and mini series) I will probably love forever (and will re-watch any time), so I simply have to share them with you:

P.S.  If you don't know which horror films are worth watching, have a look @ Maynard's blog.

* A trait for which I'm quite famous for amongst my friends & family.  I can literally block out everyone & everything around me re…

Over-Communicate Much?

Ticking through Lynn Gaertner-Johnston's list of quations, I came to the conclusion that I definitely am an over-communicator. This new awareness feels the same as when I came to understand that I'm not an emotional eater per se, but that I  binge-eat.  [I also binge-watch and now, embarrassingly, it has been theoretically proven that I also binge-mail.]

My staff must surely hate seeing my name in their inboxes by now! Shame. I thought I was being clear, concise & helpful by keeping them in the loop & teaching them what I know as I go along; and also staying on top of deadlines as expected by those at the top. All the while I was just interrupting their days by lobbing more electronic sludge at them to dredge through.

In case you are wondering, it is not at all difficult to grasp why I started doing it. The first lesson I recall picking up from my office mentor was to change my thought process into one which is constantly & automatically focused on finding a solut…

Here's Looking At You, Kid!

Yes, I know - it's been forever since I logged on to talk to you (myself).  Let me try and explain why...

My sister was hospitalised with meningitis last month - and the emotional toll it took on all of us is indescribable. At first, she was just feeling a bit under the weather the Friday morning, but we just thought the worst it could be is one of these stomache bugs that often do the rounds. That night she became totally unresponsive & no longer recognised any of us. I've never been that scared in my life! You could see her & touch her & talk to her, but when she looked at you there was just this empty look in her eyes. We feared that it meant brain damage since that is a common complication of the disease if not treated fast enough and at one point I was just sitting in my lounge (waiting for the time to pass so we can go back to the hospital) and I just pleaded with God not to leave me behind without her. I panicked. I lost my dad on 13 July 2011 and didn'…