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Early Riser Recipe


1    cousin
2    tickets to Secret Sunrise (preferably of the grassy kind)
1/2 day off work (minimum)
garnish with a quick brunch


Sorry to say, but this dish takes some serious preparation, but trust me - it is more than worth the time and effort it takes to slap it together.

Preheat your mood on high until excited. To get the temperature exactly right, it is strongly recommended that you book your tickets at least two weeks in advance so that the anticipation has enough time to rise.Prepare yourself & your cousin in ridiculous outfits, laid out the night before - that way time getting ready is reduced, because you need to arrive at the venue before an adult consistency is reached.Serve at dawn, followed by a brunch course. Enjoy!

Cook's Notes

Feel free to substitute the cousin with a sibling / friend - more than one will also work, as long as you can always be yourself around them.

Weekly Quoteable: Freedom Day


A Source of Enjoyment

Weird video - yet SO entertaining!

Port Shepstone:

South African Lighthouse No. 14
"if you're thinkin' of being my baby it don't matter if you're black or white"
The Port Shepstone lighthouse is actually not the original structure. In 1895, when Port Shepstone was just a harbour, a ship's masthead lantern was hung from a ladder-like structure to serve as a beacon to seafarers travelling around that part of our national coastline.
On 10 March 1905 the lighthouse was officially commissioned and developed from a signal station, but in 1906 the new, current, tower structure was erected and painted black and white.
That's checkmate to storms using our coastline to wreak havoc on ships, I guess.

You Had Me At "It's A Musical"

I had the fortune of stumbling upon Death To Stock's writing prompts this month, and - challenge accepted.

This week's prompt is all about the music that moves you, so it's a tough one.
I love music. Music is life. I can't get through a single day without listening to it - in my car, at work, when I'm writing. Classical, metal, pop, jazz, I love them all, so choosing a favourite song/genre was a near impossible task, but if I go back to basics, I must admit that the music that truly moves me, is the music that moves. On stage and screen.

My musical education started with my Dad. I just wanted to play the piano like he did, so I was ecstatic when lessons were finally possible the year I turned nine, and they continued right into my High School years (I eventually quit after my 5th UNISA degree in piano, 6th in musical theory, when playing had started to feel like something I had to do). In addition to the piano lessons, Dad also brought home a copy of My Fair Lady …

Weekly Quotables: Adventure!


Farm Break

Yes, there was no Sunday Lighthouse post.

And there's no Weird Music Monday post today.

I hope you'll forgive me. I was on farm in Broedersput - and this is what I was doing without wifi:

Weekly Quotable: R.E.L.A.X.


The Classics

What's better than a beefcake behind a piano?

No, seriously. What can possibly be better than that?!


South African Lighthouse No. 13
Location! Location! Location!
There aren't that many interesting historical facts about this lighthouse, which is totally understandable, given that it was only commissioned on 10 March 1960, but you must agree that its location is breathtaking...

*Tim Hauf's photos of South African lighthouses are gorgeous - you can see more of them here.

Weekly Quotables: Fools


Gangsta's Paradise (Al Capone Version)


Hood Point:

South African Lighthouse No. 12

It was commissioned on 4 June 1895, but I couldn't find a lot of note worthy facts* that piqued my interest.

I did learn, however, that - although all the lights are automated these days (ie no longer lamps that need to be lit), this one still has lighthouse keepers to keep watch over the station, and I absolutely love the key hole shaped windows!

[The lighthouse keepers who also happen to be golfers, must surely love working here, because it's located right next to a golf course.]

*Some interesting tidbits on East London: the coelacanth was found off its coast (a fish, which was previously believed to have gone extinct millions of years ago, and then discovered alive and well on 23 December 1938, exactly 45 years before I was born), and their museum also houses the only dodo egg in the world.