My Work Family

Wish it worked this way...because this is currently my life!

I'm sure this is how most people feel all (or at least some) of the time while they're at work.  Very few people are lucky enough to love what they do every minute of every day.  The rest of us deal with simply feeling like it is what it is:  work.
However, it suddenly struck me today that I actually think that I am enjoying my time at the office.  Not all day every day, but most of the time.  And credit cannot be given to the job itself as it is sort of the same thing year in, year out;  but I think it's all due to the people I work with.
And let's face the maths of it - we probably spend about 2 hours more with our colleagues than we do with our own families & friends every day (24 hours in a day = 8 hours asleep + 8 hours at work + 2 hours for commuting + 6 hours off).  Now we have to be reasonable and take into account that we possibly spend all our weekends and an average of 15 working days' leave away from the office, which means about 1 904 hours in total (16 hours awake each day, 52 weekends + 15 days leave).  I therefore estimate [very roughly I might add, and excluding the fact that I very often spend more than 8 hours at my desk in a day] that we spend about 492 hours more at work than at home every single year (2 hours per working day as previously stated, 365 days minus the weekends & our 15 days leave).
This all, in turn, got me thinking about doing a list to show you why I feel like my colleagues have all become part of my extended family:
1.  I sometimes feel like I could literally kill some of them.  That my hate fire is continually fueled by apparent incompetence or shitty attitudes, but on the other hand I really can't imagine a life at work without any of them.  It will feel so incomplete & hollow.  Exactly like it is with family members (you might not always like them, but you always love them).
2.  We all bad-mouth each other from time to time.  Especially when we're experiencing high stress levels or that dreaded end of the year slump, but there is hell to pay if anyone outside our organisation has something bad to say about where we work or who we work with.
3.  When someone's employment is terminated it reverberates through the passages like the after effects of a divorce.  We feel rejected and affronted by their assumed disloyalty - and even though we act in unison as if we no longer want anything to do with the 'ex', we secretly miss them & wonder what they're up to or where they find themselves working these days.
4.  We're a bunch of very different people forced to inhabit relatively confined spaces together.
5.  We all have different roles within the organisation.  Not only based on our job descriptions/tasks, but also our personality types.
6.  We have more similar traits and other things in common than we realise and/or are willing to admit.
7.  We dislike in one another the weaknesses we have in ourselves.  For example, I hate it when someone has too many excuses, but I'm actually a bit too lazy every now and again myself.  (Very much like my serious dislike for my mother's OCD personality.  A trait that - if you should ask my fiancé, was genetically handed down to me.)
8.  The entire team is an inter related system with parts relying on each other to make things work.  One person doesn't a family make & "someone can't do everything, but everyone can do something".
9.  When I get flack from the top, it's usually not a personal attack.  I'm not really being punished, they probably just mean to teach me something new.  A new skill to apply when a similar situation occurs.
10.  I actually wanted to make this list.


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