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Weekly Quotable: Beauty

Search & Become
Regarding beauty, as Frank-N-Furter sang, "Don't dream it, be it".


SOOOOO not what I expected from Bruce Willis.
Maybe he should've taken a hint from that other Bruce W and gone incognito.

Weekly Quotable: Life

Stuck inbetween the Amazing and the Awful
There are far worse places you can find yourself in.

Pinterest Trial #5: Tuscan Chicken

We're in love with Alyssa Rivers' Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken. I found it on Pinterest, saved it, and haven't stopped referring to it again and again.
I'm a terrible cook. I always forget something, or take shortcuts when following recipes, and usually that means the whole thing implodes. Not the case with this batch of deliciousness.

There are a few differences between the creative genius' version and ours (some you'll notice straight away, others maybe not): The original recipe calls for garlic powder & chopped spinach (amongst other things). We have a brand-spanking-new garlic press, so fresh garlic (3tsp) was a "necessity" & I bought the wrong spinach, so we used baby spinach leaves.Her kitchen, camera and photography skills are miles ahead of our own.We should've browned the chicken a liiiiiittle longer.Our sauce is a little too yellow. Not sure why, but it still tastes great!!!

You can serve the creamy chicken with whatever you feel…

Dance Days

Hey, everyone! Ann wants to dance.

White & Nerdy

So hubby's birthday is on Star Wars Day.
Reaching the end of his thirties, it does mean that parties have fizzled out a bit (it takes us all a little longer to recover from late nights and hangovers). In other words, for the occasion this year, he decided on watching ALL the Star Wars episodes on a screen in the backyard.

Yes. Nerdy. Very nerdy.

Buuuut I was okay with it. It meant they wouldn't be tempted to drink & drive, and I'm always for that.

He worked hard getting comfy (old, scrappy) couches moved to the lawn, setting up the projector screen, etc. He's going to kill me for saying this, but it was just so cute seeing him be so creative. He had me totally invested in his birthday "party" idea.

Then lightsabers became involved.

Aaaaand I was out.

No. No, no. No, no. Wish I was kidding.

Work Work Work

It's Workers' Day in South Africa.
Let's take a moment to remember why it is we all want to work.