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Weekly Quotable: Party Time

If you've ever wondered why I sometimes skip over regular post schedules, this is the type of important partying business I'm attending to.


If you're into shoulder pads and all the OTT dramatic magnificence of the 1980's, you're going to love this:

Ynys Lawd [South Stack]

Ynys Lawd is actually the small island on which South Stack Lighthouse was built.
As you can see from these photographs, the location is absolutely breathtaking, and if you are adventurous enough to brave 400 steps up and down a cliff face,  you're in luck! This lighthouse is open to visitors all year round (but it's best to check ahead if they'll close it down for scheduled maintenance).
Read all about its history HERE.

SNL Musical Genius!

This Monday feels like it could do with a bit of a giggle, so here are my two ABSOLUTE favourite weird musical skits (first saw them on SNL).

Weekly Quotable: Let Them Eat Cake!

Just FYI: "Let them eat cake" is a phrase widely attributed to Marie-Antoinette, but according to, she probably never even said it.

Donald Trumps Zuma

Before I start commenting on that US Election Candidate, let me first say that Vanity Fair Magazine is my new favourite Monthly.

It's everything any woman could want: yes, it has celeb pieces, fashion advertorials, and pop commentary, but more than that, it also feeds the intellect with well written, in-depth articles such as 'Whose N.R.A. is it?' (Sarah Ellison), 'Snakes on a Campaign' (Nicholas Shaxson) and 'St. George's Hidden Dragons' (Benjamin Wallace), to name a few.

They know what women want (hint: it is more than frilly things, pretty colours and gossip). I am just disappointed that I live way down here, because the most recent issue I could get my hands on, was that of August 2016 - and thanks to the weakness of the South African Rand, I had to pay roughly four times what I would for a local glossy.

As for my thoughts on Ol' Donald...
I am in no mood to rehash the whole Nkandla saga we went through (or the fact that Jacob Zuma is still sit…

You Loved It? Me Too!

Heard about the epic dance vid shot in the Mother City? Here it is:

And according to what I saw on Twitter, no, Meghan didn't mind that they used her song.

Weekly Quotable: Sloth



The song by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums ("Mutant Brain" feat. Assassin) fits perfectly with the weirdness of the fragrance ad, I think.

Lady of Light, Portugal

Farol de Felgueiras, Porto
Except for the images I found (below), I also think you should check out Gail At Large's Foz Do Duoro post if you want to learn more about Portugal. Actually, just follow her blog - she posts regularly, and each post is complimented by beautiful photographs, most of them her own.