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You have my husband to thank for this one:

The C Word

This past week left me voiceless. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel and I definitely do not know how to explain how I feel. Not even to those closest to me, so I thought I'd give writing it down a go, because when you're writing, you can reread, change, and mould until you're happy with the message/idea the piece conveys, right?

A few days ago, we found out that my Mum has cancer. On Friday, she was wheeled into theatre to have a large tumor removed. Her operation went well and she's currently recovering in ICU, but this morning it was tentatively confirmed to be stage 4 cancer.

I guess, above all else, that I just feel so angry! When Dad passed away, we weren't ready to lose a parent yet; and now, four years later, we're not ready to stop clinging to the one we have left either. They were supposed to retire and grow old together.

I feel so lost. My frame of reference is so limited. I mean, to civilians like me, the only peeks I ever got were throu…

Walk Like A Camel

Okay, I promise I'll think of some other random content for all my readers over the next few days, but in the meantime - in keeping with my weird Monday Music trend - here's another ridiculous beauty...

It Rubs the Lotion on its Skin

In light of my earlier musical post, I thought I'd extend the melodic journey with yet another gem:

It's Called The Moon

ink Tank I cannot thank you enough for this one - because the best Weird is Vintage Weird.

Home Alone

I'm a hardcore introvert, who really enjoys her own company. I'm weird (not cool weird, just weird). I thrive on personal freedom. Solitude is my soul companion. Or, that's what I thought before being home alone over a long weekend.

Our suburb is deafeningly quiet over the Easter weekend, because most of our neighbours go on vacation this time of year. At first, this was great. I had the whole bed to myself, slept in, and with no one around to question my nutritional choices, I lived on caffeine & nicotine alone. Less than twenty four hours in, it got to me a bit. So much so that I accidentally got drunk on vodka from the freezer - all by myself - and started researching Pretoria and Joburg nightlife online (not that I would've been able to drive anywhere in my inebriated state, even if I found anything worthwhile). What made matters worse, is that my husband went on a "camping" trip with the boys to Witchfest, so he isn't even around to annoy for my…