South African Lighthouse No. 18

Photo by Rene Theron

Seal Point Lighthouse might be the tallest masonry lighthouse in South Africa, but Slangkop ("Snake Head") Lighthouse, a 33 meter cast-iron giant in Kommetjie, is even taller.

The lighthouse falls within the Marine Protected Area of the Table Bay National Park, but you can visit it on weekdays between 10:00 am and 15:00 pm (refer to Transnet's website for more information).

Photo by Ben Broughton

It was commissioned on 4 March 1919 for the same reason all lighthouses are built - to warn seafarers that they're nearing a coastline.

The lighthouse was also automated in 1979, as they did with all South African lighthouses, but it is one of a few lighthouses worldwide to still have it's own lighthouse keeper, called a lighthouse officer.

Another gorgeous photo by Ben Broughton


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