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Home Alone

I'm a hardcore introvert, who really enjoys her own company. I'm weird (not cool weird, just weird). I thrive on personal freedom. Solitude is my soul companion. Or, that's what I thought before being home alone over a long weekend.

Our suburb is deafeningly quiet over the Easter weekend, because most of our neighbours go on vacation this time of year. At first, this was great. I had the whole bed to myself, slept in, and with no one around to question my nutritional choices, I lived on caffeine & nicotine alone. Less than twenty four hours in, it got to me a bit. So much so that I accidentally got drunk on vodka from the freezer - all by myself - and started researching Pretoria and Joburg nightlife online (not that I would've been able to drive anywhere in my inebriated state, even if I found anything worthwhile).
What made matters worse, is that my husband went on a "camping" trip with the boys to Witchfest, so he isn't even around to annoy for my personal entertainment.

I woke up early this morning with the chirping of birds in my ears. I might have even been able to hear a pin drop. In the lounge. On the other side of the house. The first sign that I have come to a crossroads, was when I contemplated doing domestic chores as a stimulating activity. Wait, what? Oh, h-e-l-l no!
After seriously considering my cousin's earlier challenge to take a selfie whilst simultaneously playing piano AND hula-hooping, my inner lazy goddess won and I decided to log in and write a blog post instead. Next, I plan to catch up on some reading, or emails, or both! But I really need to do some laundry too...

In conclusion, I now know that I don't necessarily want to be left alone without any people around me, I possibly just want people around me who know when to leave me alone. Oh, and that an Easter Weekend without family or hot cross buns is just empty and sad.

How did you spend your time off?


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