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Roman Rock:

South African Lighthouse No. 16

On 16 September 1861, Roman Rock Lighthouse became the first (and only) South African lighthouse to be built on a single rock, warning ships coming into Simon's Town bay.

Image found via Mariner Guesthouse

Extensive deliberations were held to decide on the most ideal location. After they finally decided on Roman Rock, it took them another four years to complete this tricky job, because the rock is only visible during low tide, which meant that the construction site was invisible for three weeks out of every month. In an effort to avoid further delays, the cast iron tower was actually built in England and then sent down here.

Also notable is the fact that the lighthouse has its own adjoining helipad. From the shore, when a supply helicopter is on the helipad, the helicopter and the lighthouse appear to be about the same size (the lighthouse is actually 14 m tall).


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