Robben Island:

South African Lighthouse No. 15

Pic Source:

In 1656, a few years after Jan van Riebeeck arrived in the Cape, they started to use the highest point on Robben Island as the foundation of South Africa's first makeshift lighthouse. More specifically, large bonfires were lit atop Fire Hill (now Minto Hill) each night.

Needless to say, an open fire might be great for roasting marshmallows, but maybe it's not the best tool for this task. The permanent tower structure eventually replaced them on 1 January 1865 - and they switched over to electricity in 1938, but what is more noteworthy, is the history of the island itself.

The way those in power thought of this once idyllic piece of nature as the ideal location for a penile colony, or to exile the unwanted members of society, is just so morbid. Don't you think?


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