Guano Apes

When I was first introduced to Guano Apes' sound, I completely fell in love with Sandra Nasić's voice. She didn't sound as one dimensional as the rest of the women making name in the '90s, and so became my first female role model.

I was a teen and convinced that she was concrete proof that you did not need to be a guy to be grungy, aggro or bad ass. You did not have to be into florals and frilly things ALL the time, and that being a woman did not mean that you could not do the things viewed as more masculine.

I loved their first three albums. For most of us in South Africa, internet was something your parents had at the office, so without online shopping and app stores, the only way I could get my hands on them, was to trawl music stores until I owned them all (I scored one of them off an ex as well).

I can't say that I'm crazy for their new sound, but fortunately old tracks like Lords of the Boards will remain favourites. What's weird about this track, is that it was actually commissioned for the 1998 European Snowboarding Championship and I'm not into sports. At all.


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