Dancing Queen

We all have those "One Day" dreams. "One day I will learn how to scuba dive", or "One day I will run a marathon". At a very young age, thanks to films like Royal WeddingDirty Dancing & Strictly Ballroom, mine became "One day I want to be a dancer".

Growing up, my parents encouraged extra-mural activities, but - unless subsidised by our public schools, weren't able to sign us up for all the things we wanted to do (we were 4 children initially, all of us about 1-2 years apart, so I think driving around after school to get everyone to & from where they needed to go played a deciding roll as well).
I was lucky enough to take part in a few musical classes - piano, recorder, trumpet, violin*; but, alas, no dance lessons; and eventually it just remained a "One Day" dream for me. I continued salivating after taking it up and none of the films or shows helped put it to rest.  (Examples: Step UpTake the Lead, Strictly Come Dancing).

After I moved out of my parents' home, there were all the usual excuses of being too busy & just knowing that I'm probably too old to learn something like that anymore. I even felt too fat for it, ashamed that I'd be a joke on the floor.
Then, when we were preparing for our wedding day, one of my husband's friends suggested a dance instructor he came to know & love. I guess the security of being in a committed relationship & no longer feeling like I needed to impress a potential mate gave me big enough balls to say "Why not?". I ended up enjoying it so much that we continued taking lessons after we got married.

I'm sure Franscois only dances with me to keep me happy (I don't believe he's such a big fan of all the steps & turns), but at this point I feel so giddy with excitement before each lesson that I don't see myself quitting any time soon. If he does, I'll just make a plan to find a new dance partner. No way am I giving this up without a fight ;)

*Violin didn't end well. Sounded horrible and even I couldn't stand the sound of me playing it.


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