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The Cheating Effect

If you want saucy details, I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm not at liberty to say.

Right now I'm dealing with a case of dishonesty, which once again reared its ugly head in my life. And once again, I'm not at liberty to reveal details, because I'm stuck with a secret that's been forced on me by inconsiderate assholes. A secret I never wanted to be privy to.

It got the cogs in the ol' noggin' going, though, so I want to tell you why I think that cheating is a lot like drunk driving.

Cheaters always think they can keep affairs and their repercussions safely cushioned behind a multitude of lies. They don't realise that once they get behind the wheel, they no longer control anything. Their sordid dealings crash into innocent people as they speed along without any consideration for the lives of others.

Even young children get run over by the things they see (more than most adults realise). These are great children. Children, who look left and right before they cross the street and always try their best, but they live their lives thinking they're not good enough. They rationalise that the family unit is an integral part of them, so if a parent lies to any member of this unit, they're lying to them too. And if you love someone, you don't lie to them, right? Ipso facto there must be something wrong with them.

Friends and colleagues also quickly become disillusioned - finding out that someone you have a personal relationship with is not the person you believed them to be, breaks your heart. You start to distrust everything and anything they say.

And after all is said and done, partners are often the last to know, grieving over the death of their unions. Most of them kept to the rules of the road and never even saw it coming.


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