2016: My Year In Books

Is it a common problem for bookworms to feel like they're not reading enough, or is it just me?

My perpetually growing list of 'Books to Read' is not helping either.

Fortunately, Goodreads' annual roundup put things in perspective for me.

          Here's what my year in books looked like:

For more information and reviews on any of these titles, refer to my 2016 shelf.

Have you heard about Goodreads yet?

It's the online community for book lovers, with a very handy smartphone app.

Initially, I used my online profile purely for tracking purposes - what I've read, what I still want to read, etc. That was back in 2010. These days, I'm using it to post and read reviews, save or search quotes, find gift inspiration, keep stock of my personal library, follow author blogs, learn about new books published, and set annual reading challenges for myself.

Their app is also quite nifty. My favourite feature is the barcode scanner. When browsing around at book fairs, I can just scan with a quick Bleep!, and then I know whether a book is worth buying or not.

Another benefit of the Goodreads Community, for me anyway, is that it's not too social for this introvert.

                                   Update [31/12/2016, 09:19 am]:

I finished reading my 33rd book for the year last night.

Probably means I should now aim for 34 in 2017...


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