Bring Your Own Self

Changing seasons is so refreshing, isn't it?

If I were to say that I love change because I love a challenge, it may give you the impression that I love working hard in all areas of my life. That would be a lie. What I love is how it fires up my mind. Using my brain is always good fun, but struggling is not my cup of tea coffee. (Is it ever for anyone?)

The last few months brought along unexpected obstacles. We are trying hard to navigate our way through this tough time, but it is difficult to stay positive when resources dwindle and plans become muddled.

What remains constant, is the Word and how the First5 community helps me stay connected it.

I am grateful that I heeded the call years ago ['No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them...' - John 6:44] and that I am no longer stumbling along on my own.

Grace and truth come through Jesus alone. [John 1:17] All we have to do is bring Him what we have (who we are). He is always enough. ['...God gives the Spirit without limit' - John 3:34 'The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.' - John 6:63]

Winter is stepping aside for Spring to do its thing. We too must move out of the way for God to do His.


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