Marblehead, U.S.A.

I really enjoyed exploring the South African lighthouses with you online, but we have a lot of ground to cover if we want to see the rest of the flashing giants out there.

For our next stretch, I will be taking a more random and visual approach. I'll be jumping back and forth across the globe and you can look forward to feasting your eyes on the breathtaking landscapes and structural beauty the world of lighthouses has to offer!

Marblehead Lighthouse

Lake Erie (Ohio)

Photo Credit: Ron Skinner

Confession Time: Geography has never been my strong point. My sense of direction is deplorable - my boss once joked that I don't need a GPS, I need a driver - and it takes a lot of repetitive reading and map checking before I am able to recall locations and borders, etc.

It was no surprise then, when I read that Marblehead Lighthouse is in Ohio, that I had to go onto Google Maps to see why Ohio even had a lighthouse. Finding out about the Great Lakes, and having a look at where exactly the lighthouse (and Ohio) is,  turned out to be a bit of educational fun for me. I think I'll keep it up, because maps offer an insight into all the places we aren't always able to travel to.

"The Marblehead Lighthouse was built in 1821 and is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes. The present Keeper's House was constructed in 1880 and was home to 16 keepers and their families, plus numerous assistant keepers who lived on the second floor of the house."(Marblehead Lighthouse Hisorical Society)

The beautiful surrounding area of Lake Erie caught my eye with this one, but also the contrast between the bright blue (summer) and white snow (winter).  Add to it the picket fence and lighthouse keeper's house, and we've got a winner, don't you think?

Image Sources: and Jodie McCallum's Blog

Photo Credit: Manuel Diaz

Photo Credit: also Ron Skinner - he has a few like these available for sale, so head over to his website for more great shots.
Photo Update: I found another gorgeous one of Marblehead - no idea who to credit, though. Any idea?

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