Hood Point:

South African Lighthouse No. 12

Picture Credit: Bazil Raubach

It was commissioned on 4 June 1895, but I couldn't find a lot of note worthy facts* that piqued my interest.

I did learn, however, that - although all the lights are automated these days (ie no longer lamps that need to be lit), this one still has lighthouse keepers to keep watch over the station, and I absolutely love the key hole shaped windows!

[The lighthouse keepers who also happen to be golfers, must surely love working here, because it's located right next to a golf course.]

*Some interesting tidbits on East London: the coelacanth was found off its coast (a fish, which was previously believed to have gone extinct millions of years ago, and then discovered alive and well on 23 December 1938, exactly 45 years before I was born), and their museum also houses the only dodo egg in the world.

Photo found online, but I have no idea who took it.


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