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Cancer Update July 2015

For those who were left wondering after my initial cancer news about my mum:

She recovered pretty quickly from her op in April, and although they removed most of it with a chunk of her colon, she still needs to start chemo this month so that the lesions on her liver can be dealt with. In other words, so far the bumps in the road hasn't been too big. We remain ever hers in optimism!!!

She looks like she's lost a lot of weight, but she's such a champ! Back at work already and gracefully taking it in her stride almost. I don't think I would've been able to keep myself as composed as she manages to do every day.

I think she just HATES the colostomy bag, and I suspect that the initial loss of control over her own body and life (being stuck in a hospital bed for weeks) was very difficult for her, but she's not really discussing much with us in depth/detail.

It's different for her being our Mother opposed to being a friend/sibling, I suppose. She probably still wants to feel like she's the one taking care of us - and she does, even if she doesn't always think so.


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