Chemo Cake

Mum started chemo today, so yesterday, Joné baked her a delectable blue velvet cake. Sure, the icing started sliding off the sides (probably because the cake was supposed to cool down more before being decorated), but it all gets mushed in your tummy in any case, right?

Even after (and during) all the cake-eating, Mum was still very much in a tizzy over her first chemo session in the morning, because she had no idea what to expect. All chemo is not equal. Her doctor told her about possible side effects (eg. nausea), but it all differs from person to person as well as the amount and type of chemo treatment you receive.

So far, the only update we've received from her today, is that it didn't hurt at all when they inserted the needle into the port. Excellent news, because she tends to faint whenever anyone (herself included) have their blood drawn.


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