Wintervention Week 2

Day 1
I'm starting to realise that one of my biggest obstacles is my fucked up work/life balance. Time & energy spent on work is overpowering everything else. How do you find the perfect balance without compromising your work ethic? I'm desperate for some advice!

Day 4
Somehow I lost 3 whole days, but how?

Day 5
Instead of working late (again) or going to the gym (what's new?), I decided to unwind with my BFF. Brilliant idea! I laughed so much it surely counted as an ab workout.

Day 6
Spring Rain arrived - with gloomy, wet & snuggly reading weather on its back. And although a sedentary activity, reading keeps me from bingeing. So Esteé 1 - Winter Weight 12.

Day 7
So exciting! We went honeymoon shopping today, so I got some cardio in & can't wait to fly to Knysna in 3 weeks...


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