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Wintervention Week 1

After a very motivational chat I've decided to make a change (and since I've practically been hibernating through all the 2014 cold fronts, I've christened it my Wintervention). I've vowed to myself that I will get more active & start caring more for ME. I'll get up earlier & do some weight training, but I will also accompany my money to the gym more often. Here's what actually happened:

Day 1
I set my alarm for 5 am. Took me an hour to get up, so epic fail there. Then - because I was focusing too much on forgetting my phone on the bedside table on the way out of the house, I managed to also completely forget that I wanted to go to the gym after work & drove straight home. At least I walked to the shop to buy my lunch sandwich. Let's try again tomorrow (although I'll probably only be home around 10 pm from picking up my brother & his wife from the airport).

Day 2
Once again my alarm was set for 5 am. This time it took me 1 hour + 10 minutes to get up. Ridiculous! Also out for Tuesday night dinner with the girls, so no gym. Again.
P.S. First earthquake I ever experienced happened this afternoon between 12 am & 1 pm. We just felt the tremors afterwards over here, but still quite the experience for my entire office.

Day 3
Finally! With Franscois' help I made it out of the bed in 30 minutes, but I needed to wash my hair, so no floor exercises; and I attended a funeral after work, so no gym. To exacerbate things, I also decided to eat a crapload to stifle the uncomfortable emotions after the funeral AND stayed up late watching Blades of Glory and Forgetting Sarah Marshall with my sister, because that's just how we roll.

Day 4
Ja I was going to get up @ 5 am after staying up late...

Days 5 & 6
With meetings, power cuts, connectivity problems @ the office & working overtime, there wasn't much time to even think about my Wintervention.

Day 7
Week 1 was a bust. Not giving up. Will let you know what happened next week.


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