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Pinterest Trial #1

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am dangerous in any kitchen - even if only equipped with marshmallows. I have made chicken breast you could stone someone to death with, baked a chocolate cake of which the topping had to be cracked with moderate force using the handle of a bread knife (so we could break off the "slices") & I've also almost set fire to the entire office with an unfortunate 2-minute noodle incident earlier this year.

Then my culinary courage was renewed after starting The Yuppiechef Online Cooking School's Art of Baking course; and hubby's birthday on May 4th created the perfect opportunity for me to try baking something all by myself. Without my mother's help (not even a phone call to her or my Mother-In-Law). For the first time EVER.

I had no idea which recipe to take on, so just like we all turn to Google for answers these days, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. It had to be a regular sized cake according to Step 1 of the Course, but I was also looking for something unique and something that Franscois would really enjoy. What I found & chose to try in light of Fran's ongoing love affair with Malva Pudding, were these Malva Pudding Cupcakes and I actually didn't do that bad - see for yourself:

1. I didn't make all the cupcakes little hearts like the one pictured above. The other 12 were all regular cupcake-shaped servings.
2. They were all baked in individual silicone cupcake holders without any hassle whatsoever to retain their shape in the oven or getting them to slip out after cooling down (with the prep'ing magic of Spray 'n Cook, of course).
3. Admittedly I took the lazy way out & served them with a can of whipped cream instead of the Cream Topping in the original recipe.


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