Wedding Blues

When planning to get married I, like most gals, went all out as far as our finances (and credit cards) allowed. I wanted it all: the unique dress, the decor, our theme to be different from anyone else's that we've ever attended, mind blowing food, etc. I even ended up with a 100+ guest list despite the fact that we wanted to keep it below 80.
On paper I got what I wanted, I guess, but thinking back it feels so impersonal. My focus that day went into how everything had to be fun & comfortable for those who attended instead of the love I have for Franscois. Except for the vows we wrote ourselves & then read to each other during the ceremony, I can't remember a single intimate moment spent with my husband on our big day.
On top of that, my dress didn't stay as fitted as it should have throughout the rest of the day (my beaded straps even snapped off). I only recall worrying about what everyone was thinking around me and didn't get to taste anything from our chocolate fountain station. Even half our photos were destroyed in an unforeseen SD card accident.
I'm not saying that everything was dreadful. There were friends & family who love us & celebrated with us, but we basically spent tens of thousands to feel disconnected from one another on the one day we were supposed to revel in our big step forward. So much so that we also didn't have enough money for my wedding band & could not go on honeymoon right away.
Heed my advice: don't turn your wedding into a show. If I could have a 'do over', I'd want get married in a simple & casual outfit (something from my closet, maybe with just a flower in my hair & makeup on). It would just be me, him, the marriage officer & our witnesses; and the whole thing would revolve around our special union - not keeping the family happy.


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