Unfair Treatment, really?

This week I'm learning that an over inflated sense of importance can lead to feelings of being treated unequally/unfairly.

For example: If, as a senior manger, you are required to work overtime without receiving additional remuneration for it, you are purely being treated equally to the rest of your senior managerial colleagues. Just because you don't like having to work after hours, does not make it unfair business practice from your employer's point of view.

Don't let prior working experiences at other companies taint your view of what is possible where you are now. When you do feel that the way you were/are treated oversteps the borders set by your Employment Contract, please keep in mind that more can get done (and in your favour too) by first trying to reconcile the matter with your employer directly. Only if this proves unsuccessful should you approach a mediation & arbitration organisation like the CCMA.

The purpose of the CCMA is "to promote social justice and economic development in the world of work..." Crying wolf every time you actually just want to stomp your foot like a child because you feel entitled and therefore not willing to listen to any form of reason (never mind sincere apologies or trying to find a mutually beneficial compromise), makes a mockery of the organisation as well as all those who suffer genuine injustice all over the country; and it's detrimental to your relationships with your peers & subordinates since they'll come to know that you are unapproachable and not willing to seriously consider the opinions/suggestions of others around you.

P.S. If you read this post & feel that I'm misunderstanding any of the mentioned concepts or their underlying implications, please feel free to leave your comments (I'm all for feedback & learning something new).


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