The Girl Who Didn't Exist

As I've mentioned in some of my previous posts, my husband & I are newlyweds (12 years after we met, we finally got hitched on 1 Sep 2013); but our honeymoon period is far from what I expected it to be. Apart from the bed & breakfast treat we received from our venue as a special inclusion on our wedding day package, it's basically been business as usual in the Hallatt/Weideman household. No flowers delivered to my office, no moonlit dinners, no sand between our toes or sun on our skin. We're just too flat broke & are now saving up for a belated honeymoon + first anniversary combo getaway sometime next year.
Even if I have to say so myself, we've both been absolute troopers dealing with this non-traditional honeymoon arrangement. Not complaining (even though we want to) & relishing our own form of speed dinner dating (usually of the fast food variety, eaten in front of the telly - or even in bed on the nights one/both of us come home from work too late to give a shit about it anymore). The happy facade, however, came to a grinding halt yesterday afternoon when it was brought to my attention (whilst submitting an online UIF return for my employer) that our adorable department of home affairs managed to stuff up our marriage certificate by changing my surname without my consent. Of course their attitude is the usual "Our mistake, your problem".
Wish me luck.  As soon as I have a copy of the original register we signed in church, I have to take it in to one of the DOHA offices to try and battle it out before I have more problems due to the fact that I no longer exist (some old married broad pinched my ID number).


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