Fat Pants

I've recently (very recently, as in less than a week ago) joined the local gym.  I joined because none of my fat pants fit me anymore!!!  Luckily I feel lots of good & happy things inside most of the time, but I also need to be able to get dressed every morning.  In something other than pj's or underwear.

My main goal right now, is getting myself into the groove of regular exercise.  After that, I'll add some more moves and tweak the diet.  No problem, but last night I seriously felt like I did all the cardio I can handle...and still, I was in and out of the gym under 20 minutes.  How sad is that?

Usually, after any situation where I come across any form of resistance, I despise myself for not getting it perfect the first time around.  In true Esteé fashion I started doing the same this morning, because I felt like I should've pushed beyond the pain.  That it couldn't possibly have been all I had to give - just how pathetic, fat and unfit am I that less than 20 minutes of cycling/walking can make me feel so exhausted?  And then I remembered:

So tonight I'm going back for more and patting myself on the back for persevering;  and if ever you find yourself in a similar position, feel free to visit #healthspo for some inspiration.

[Foot Note:  The title of this post was inspired by a blog entry by Shelli NT.  Read it HERE.]


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