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Depressed, Obsessive Compulsive, Antisocial, Autistic...and these are all words that came up during just my own personal history.  It's often been said that only the insane think of themselves as 100% sane and some of my symptoms have, of course, lead to earlier diagnosis;  but what I'd really like to know, is (a) at which point you're deemed as non-functional;  and (b) whether it's really that important to be diagnosed and labelled if you're able to function anyway without any ongoing treatment?  We're bombarded with info on all of these disorders, syndromes & conditions these days and it just got me thinking...

So what if I sometimes need to get up a few times at night to check things, that uneven numbers (except multiples of 5) drive me insane, that baking cookies is extremely difficult in between repetitive hand-washing, or that being touched is often extremely unpleasant for me?  I'm never late for work and perform well in my managerial position at the office, I have many friends & acquaintances, and I've not only managed to cohabit peacefully for a number of years, I also married the love of my life 5 days ago.

I totally understand the often serious implications of these type of psychological problems and wouldn't shrug it off as pure hogwash.  Some people just seem to make it sound like life's a Battle of the Balmy, like you're somehow better or more interesting if you can one-up them in hypochondriacal discussions.

I'd rather be labelled as 'quirky' or 'eccentric'.


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