99 Problems & None of Them Real

We are a bunch of whiny bastards, aren't we?  No, I'm dead serious!  Just think of your day today, what were the biggest problems you had to face?  Come on, be serious:  If they were anything at all like the ones you can read on http://middleclassproblems.com/, they're not genuinely serious issues, are they?  I mean - your life is not being threatened, you have a place to stay, food to eat, etc.

Take my morning for example.  The way I perceived it was:
Urggghhhh...I had to get up @ 6pm to get ready & go to work, which kicked off with an 8 o'clock meeting.  Then I had to face the fact that I'm rapidly "growing" out of my 4 cupboards full of clothes and scrambled around for something suitable to wear to the office, during which time I realised that I can't remember my fiancé saying good-bye before he left home.

What I should've been grateful for:
I sleep in a proper bed every night; I don't have to get up earlier and then walk a long distance to my place of work; I actually have a job (one which I've had since before the recession hit, so I've never had to feel what it's like to get laid off); I never go hungry (in fact, if my biggest problem is my weight gain, it's probably not really a problem is it?); I always have something to wear; and there is someone who loves & cares for me so I am not alone in life.

I know very well that I'm not the first person to touch on this subject, but still many of us find ourselves often forgetting what we have and then confusing 'not getting something we wanted exactly how and when we wanted it' with serious day to day obstacles like the ones faced globally by some people every day.

Let's hope that I remember about this blog post next time I feel weighed down by my "problems".


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