Kiss Kiss

Valentine's Week is here!
What do you have planned? Do you even celebrate it?

We've never been really big on it. We'll give each other a little something, I guess, but for the most part, it's just another day. (Perhaps we would've been bigger fans if we received Valentine's gifts in high school. I wouldn't know.)

Declaring your love whenever you feel it is a way better idea than hoarding it for one day a year, but I am a sucker for the silly celebrations, so to start our own tradition, we'll be doing something different for Valentine's Day.

We're getting tested for HIV!

I know that seems odd, but did you know that - even if you only have one sexual partner, you can contract the disease by accident? And if you do, but never get tested, you can infect the love of your life without even knowing about it, becoming part of the vicious cycle?

When you know your status (and check it regularly) it is less stressful & kind to others.

Hugs & Disco Kisses,


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