From 5KM to 10KM (Part 1)

Boot Camp

Weeks 11 - 15

[1 January - 4 February 2018]

The Numbers:

Day 14 = weighed in for Boot Camp registration and another 0.6kg down.
                   ≈4.1kg ↓ so far
Day 15 = Boot Camp starts
Day 28 = completed my 2nd 7.5 km hike

Additional Notes/Comments:
  • A great opportunity fell into my lap - a free 4 week fitness boot camp just became available via Facebook. I had some residual aches & pains that I first had to get checked out, but as soon as the GP gave me the all clear, I tackled my first ever body boot camp.
  • My diet has gone to hell, so I've been too scared to weigh in as well. Trying to muster up my courage, because I'm expecting to have gained all of the weight I lost over Nov & Dec 2017...

*Disclaimer: I am not a health/medical professional. This lifestyle plan was developed to suit me personally (I suffer from PCOS & insulin resistance and I'm on medication for anxiety & high cholesterol). I am - and will continue to - consult my GP as I continue on this journey. Please do me (and yourself) a favour by always talking to your Doctor before starting any exercise or lifestyle program.


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