You Won't Believe What I Did

The ghoulies must have been working overtime this year.
On the last Thursday before Halloween, I was overcome by a strange masochistic urge to - gasp! - weigh myself.
It was horrific. I've had a faint idea of how high my number must be for some time, but as I stood on that scale, it felt as if those three red numbers seared themselves into my brain. I tried to convince myself that it was a good thing to know and understand even the hard facts (knowledge is power and all that). My true self was not having any of that mind-over-matter bullshit and my mental defenses soon crumbled.

I moped around whilst biting back the tears. Crying about my weight felt like a right I had not earned. If you don't vote, you can't complain. So where exactly could I go with all my weighty woes?

First, I prayed. Then, I could not stop talking about it. Oh boy! I kept yapping on and on to anybody who'd listen (or failed to flee the line of fire fast enough).

You see, yes, I told you that I had no choice but to go it alone, but that's not true. Support is the cornerstone of any new venture and I am fortunate to have the sturdiest band of allies behind me:

Marli is the greatest cheerleader anyone could ever ask for. She's always reading up on nutrition and fitness in her spare time. Basically, she's not only my best friend (and cousin), she's also a living #healthspo encyclopaedia and she hiked the Otter Trail with Anna earlier this year, so I obviously asked her to review my walking plan to make sure that I wasn't overly optimistic about what can or cannot be accomplished. [For a copy of my 'From Zero to 5KM' walking plan, come back and read tomorrow's November recap.]

Franscois proved himself to be a fantastic fitness buddy. He already committed to doing that multi-day hike with me in 2019, and after a long day working at a physically demanding job, he jumps at the chance to go on all the walks with me. I'm so glad I put a ring on it!

Then there's Adri, Clerissia, Samantha and all of you. Through years of therapy, I've learned that the first line of attack against depression and anxiety (for me) is to talk issues out. With all this talking and typing, my inner voice doesn't get a turn to talk as much, so I want to say THANK YOU!
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