Pinterest Trial #5: Tuscan Chicken

We're in love with Alyssa Rivers' Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken.
I found it on Pinterest, saved it, and haven't stopped referring to it again and again.

I'm a terrible cook. I always forget something, or take shortcuts when following recipes, and usually that means the whole thing implodes. Not the case with this batch of deliciousness.

PC: From the Original Recipe here.

There are a few differences between the creative genius' version and ours (some you'll notice straight away, others maybe not):
  • The original recipe calls for garlic powder & chopped spinach (amongst other things). We have a brand-spanking-new garlic press, so fresh garlic (3tsp) was a "necessity" & I bought the wrong spinach, so we used baby spinach leaves.
  • Her kitchen, camera and photography skills are miles ahead of our own.
  • We should've browned the chicken a liiiiiittle longer.
  • Our sauce is a little too yellow. Not sure why, but it still tastes great!!!

PC: FranTheGimp (because my battery was too low for flash usage)

You can serve the creamy chicken with whatever you feel like, but as a long term fan of tagliatelle, I opted to copy Alyssa.

Now excuse me while I go reheat my leftovers for lunch...


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